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Through a unique presentation and design you are sure to get the best “Entertainment” experience.


Fun and Exciting

Different songs & performances have a variety of unique dynamics but it’s guaranteed to be “Fun and Exciting” for both of us.



The “Mission” is simple.  Create a unique entertainment experience combining martial arts and music with a unique presentation.  By doing that I am also looking to create new partnerships, friendships, and fans that will unlock other doors…and dare I say….Other Worlds as well.

Other World

From the signature Predator mask to the neon hair and everything in-between the words “Other World” will surely come to mind.



Outside the Box

Just when you thought the game couldn’t be changed anymore, here we are “Outside the Box” boarding a ship going to other worlds.



In a world wanting us to just fit in and be a copy of copy, our “Creative” mind will always break the mold.